Over the course of this 33 year "ride" (professional career) I am very intrigued (yet extremely grateful) for having had the opportunity to play with and share the stage with so many GREAT and SUPERB musicians! In my lifetime I never thought I would ever get the opportunity to MEET these people, much less be allowed to play alongside them....And it really seems to come into focus now, especially when one has a chance to look back on their life and career...and sadly...this becomes the case even more so when we lose great musicians and friends. Such is the case here now with the late, great Mr. CLIFFORD ADAMS. I adored him as a great trombonist in a great band I truly adored called KOOL & THE GANG...never forgot his great trombone solo in the song "JOANNA" (especially considering I have a older sister named "Jo Ann") so, of course, to meet and play in the same band as amazing Trumpeter MICHAEL RAY (also of KOOL & THE GANG) and CLIFFORD, well...there are no words to describe the surge of electricity I got (and still get) every time I think about it. And that, in and of itself, is why it is so hard to believe that CLIFFORD has left us. But thank goodness for records. Thank goodness for music. Thank goodness for KOOL & THE GANG. Thank goodness for U.G.O. CLIFFORD ADAMS may have moved on physically...but the spirit of his Gift lingers on through the rest of us...who were fortunate enough to know him...and play alongside him. Thank you, CLIFFORD. Rest now...we got this.